HGS Delivers Zapier Automation to Unify Service Titan, Google Workspace, and Slack


Connect Electric is an electric company based out of Richmond, VA. The company is black-owned and works in businesses as well as homes local to Richmond. Joy, the CEO at Connect Electric, was looking to unify their Service Titan CRM, Google Workspace, and Slack to automate communications and tasks to save time and money.


To help Connect Electric achieve its robotic process automation goals, HGS delivered a series of RPA offerings all delivered via zaps in Zapier at a fixed price per zap. These zaps included:

  • Automated appointment messaging for technicians and managers through Service Titan.
  • Communicate website form entries from Wix to Service Titan.
  • Automatically send Service Titan form entries to Slack
  • Conditional 48 hour job window slack notifications.


To provide Connect Electric with task automating services, HGS set up and took advantage of Zapier, Google Workspace, Service Titan, and Slack. The team maintained these platforms and used them to materialize the strategy. 

CE Zapier Architecture Diagram


The Connect Electric RPA team consisted of a project manager and a data engineer.


The team worked with Joy to gather the requirements for each Zap and then unit test with her in off hours. Stand-ups were held weekly. The project management suite included JIRA for ticket tracking and integration into the CE slack environment for easy online communication between team members. 


Using Zapier proved to be very helpful for Connect Electric.  It automated time-consuming tasks, connected platforms, communicated information between these platforms, and notified Technicians of appointments no more than 48 hours in advance. Automating these tasks allowed Connect Electric to streamline their operations and get the information they needed related to jobs and job updates from their Service Titan CRM in Slack.

The team at HGS automated tasks by connecting Zapier to Wix, Slack, and Service Titan. Wix, a website software, was connected to Slack, a communication platform, to transmit form entries to managers and technicians. For form entries with appointments, Zapier and Service Titan were connected to get the client’s appointment time and information to the right technician. Not only were these tools used for appointment-setting, but they were also used with a 48-hour window to help keep track of appointments happening today and tomorrow. These automated tasks keep everyone in the loop and improve overall communication. With several applications connected to Zapier, our team was able to better serve Connect Electric.