MAK Chemical Re-designs and Implements Dynamic Company Website


MAK Chemical Inc., a global chemical manufacturing and distribution company, was looking to re-design its existing static website to a modern dynamic website that would allow for more functional capabilities and control. The mid sized business was looking for a solution that would be able to provide company information, a dynamic product catalog, display warehouse location information, a blog engine, and allow for prospective clients to contact the company via email.



HGS delivered an angular based web application hosted on AWS that would allow for MAK Chemical to launch a dynamic web solution with an admin panel that gives MAK the ability to be able to update their product catalog on the fly, post blogs, and display all of their company information for prospective and existing clients.


The react based web application consisted of a main console linked to the domain name as well as an admin console enabled through AWS lambda authentication. This allows for site admins to update several of the back end site features through a custom, simple, and interactive UI.Each of the Dynamo tables correspond to site key dynamic site features that allow for the user to update and log daily information for their customers and site audience including a blog engine and a product catalog. A column-store,NoSQL solution, the Dynamo tables are built for scale and performance, allowing for millions of records and quick database calls.


AWS was used to host MAK’s application securely in the cloud.


Angular was used as primary development language.


Dynamo DB was used as a NoSQL database to host MAK’s data.

Company Website


The MAK Chemical team consisted of a project manager, solution architect, and two associate developers.


Through an agile process the team was able to continuously integrate feedback throughout the design and development process. The software development lifecycle consisted of a design, development, UAT testing, and a production launch. Stand ups were held weekly. Project management suite included bitbucket for version control, JIRA for ticket tracking, and Slack for constant communication.


MAK Chemical broke their dependencies on third parties and manual processes of having to administer and are now able to dynamically update relevant content on the daily that their impact sales workflow and customer engagement. Before the website redesign MAK was dependent on sourcing the technical ability to modify its code base to make simple updates and content changes. Now MAK has the ability to deliver content daily to its customers as well as update product catalogs and relevant company information self sufficiently and in real time. The transformation from a static website to a dynamic web application has evolved the customer’s digital experience and first point of entry for online sales from a fixed product to a constantly updated and relevant sales platform. Since their re-launch MAK has been able to increase customer engagement and has been able to grow their sales pipeline more online. Having a more reliant and up to date home site has allowed their sales team to be able to conduct more sales and generate more leads through a new e-commerce experience.