Power BI Reporting for Operators from Mcleod Software on top of SQL Server


Transportation Logistics Services (TLS), a major Fortune 5000 logistics company run on McLeod software.

He needed a way to get data in real time from his Mcleod logistics software that he runs his business on into Power BI. Luckily he called us to figure out that he can get the data from the SQL Server directly connected to Power BI. HGS worked with Jason everyday to deliver SQL Server customizations, a Power BI Gateway set up, and Power BI dashboards.



We got his team set up with real time updates running from McLeod to their TV in the office from Power BI. With the help of HGS, TLS has been able to use their Power BI dashboards to get real time updates from their SQL Server hosted McLeod software.

We worked with Jason to correspond between his provider at Mcleod to get his SQL Server credentials for his production instance of the software that had a SQL Server that was hosted in a remote desktop.

We then worked with Jason to get access to that same remote desktop and installed Power BI Gateway, built all of the reports that he needed, and then deployed to his Power BI workspace that we set up.


Power BI Azure AD Architecture Example



The TLS team consisted of a solution architect who worked directly with Jason on delivering this project.


Through an agile process the team was able to continuously integrate feedback throughout the design and development process. The software development life cycle consisted of a design, development, UAT testing, and a production launch. Stand ups were held bi-weekly. Project management suite included bitbucket for version control, JIRA for ticket tracking, and Mattermost for constant communication.


This has saved Jason hundreds of hours of manual work being done in Power BI previously to put monthly reports together for his team. Now they get the data in real time everyday on a TV in their office!

And now Jason is a Power BI pro!