WaTech Builds SSRS Reports on Avaya Phone System


WaTech is the state of Washington’s core technology agency who hosts the state’s data center and provides central networking services for the state of Washington. 

WaTech had recently moved over to a new Avaya phone messaging system while partnering with Cerium Networks. It was identified by WaTech that they needed some reports built on top of the phone messaging system that could be fetched from their hosted database behind the scenes on the Avaya side. 

WaTech was looking to configure their Reporting Server and spin up these reports parameterized by Company code so they could segment their data across their state’s company ids for each corresponding state agency.


HGS delivered interactive SSRS reports that would allow WaTech to run the reports that they needed for four reports that they identified on top of their Avaya phone messaging system. User lists and subscriptions were set up and tested for delivery from the SSRS administration side as well. 


The Avaya phone system was set up by Cerium Networks who hosted the database as well. 

WaTech and HGS worked together to take ownership of the database and build the SQL queries needed for the SSRS reports. These SSRS reports were hosted on WaTech’s reporting server that was configured.


The WaTech team consisted of a core SRRS solutions architect. 

(1) Pratik Singh | LinkedIn


HGS worked directly with the WaTech team and stakeholders, which was the system administrator on the WaTech side. Because of time restraints and limited access in working with the state, this project was done directly with Pratik over TeamViewer in its eternity. The WaTech team was on screen sharing with Pratik the whole time day in and out while he was working live on the project. This was very helpful in working together with the system administrator on some tuning that needed the Reporting Server set up and getting it hosted and working. Overall, the WaTech team and full visibility and insight to the project delivery as they watched it get done live.


With the help of HGS, WaTech was able to get their SQL Reporting Services server properly configured and deployed with their SSRS reports created that they needed to bridge the gap on reporting that was provided by their old IVR system. With limited time to set up access for contractors WaTech allowed the HGS solutions engineer to directly work within a screen share to service the project directly with WaTech stakeholders. This allowed for an on time delivery in the expedited window that WaTech was looking for to stand up this reporting. Now WaTech was set up for success using SSRS and reporting server not only for this use case but future projects as well.

See this article that was used as a reference point to help configure Report Server in case you are looking to do the same:

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