What can Salesforce CPQ do for you? 

What is a CPQ solution?

  • Configure, Price, and Quote Solutions are primarily used to automate the quote creation process, ease the product dependencies/guidelines, pricing models, and maintain discount policies.

Salesforce CPQ Advantages

What is a Salesforce CPQ solution?

  • The Configure-Price-Quote Solution, or Software, by Salesforce was created to be a specialization to this software as a service (SaaS) company that will focus on streamlining their customers Quoting and Sales process by utilizing accurate pricing functions. 

What is Salesforce CRM?

  • It is Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management answer as a cloud-based solution for companies intended to balance all aspects of client management within Sales, Service, Marketing, and Analytics.

Why Salesforce CPQ?

  • CPQ will act as your Subject Matter Expert on all things quoting and can allow departments like Sales, Finance, and Sales Ops to effectively manage quoting and contract language, discount approval thresholds, and provide clear visibility to Sales throughout the process.  

How does this help our Customers and their Sales LifeCycle experience? 

  • CPQ allows your Sales teams to create complex orders and proposals that are already predetermined by the calculations you can set in CPQ. This means they will be able to create a real-time quote that displays accurate pricing including any discounts applied. As they build the quote they will be able to determine the active products that they can sell easily and your Admins will have the ability to remove or hide the products that are no longer active to maintain data. Building the workflow and communication interdepartmentally will cut down on your overall Sales LifeCycle with this quick quote building!

These are just a few example objects and features you will see when setting up Salesforce CPQ. Each object is just the next step in making a streamlined CPQ experience:

  • Package Settings 
    • Allows partner discounts on quote lines
    • Adjusts the number of decimal places in your unit prices.
    • Adds storage folders for your quote documents
    • Groups quote line editor search results by shared fields
    • Uses solution groups to store commonly quoted sets of products in the quote line editor
  • Products and Pricebooks Objects
    • If your products include optional features and add-on components, you can configure these products as bundles in Salesforce CPQ. Bundles include the following objects.
    • Options: Products within the bundle that contribute to the bundle price. For example, you could sell a desktop setup bundle with one option for each component of your bundle: CPU, RAM, motherboard, monitors, and power supplies.
    • Features: Features are categories of options. Use these to group options of a similar type together. For example, if your desktop setup bundle contains five types of motherboards, you could create a motherboard feature.
    • Option Constraints: Option constraints control which of a feature’s options may or may not be purchased together. For example, you could require sales reps to select three out of five possible options within a feature.
  • Quote Status 
    • Draft
    • In Review
    • Approved
    • Denied
    • Presented
    • Accepted
    • Rejected
  • Sandboxes, Quote Templates, Multi-language Considerations, Approval Processes, and more


How to Build a Quote in CPQ:

Select Edit Lines on a quote record to open the quote line editor. The quote line editor lets you view all your quote lines and apply changes across the entire quote or to individual lines.

Add Products

Go to the Product Lookup page and select products to add to your quote.


Salesforce CPQ applies price calculations to your quote, including all relevant price rules and product rules. Click this button to recalculate your quote’s prices after you make changes.

Delete Lines

You can select several lines and then click this button to delete all the lines at once. You see this button only if your Salesforce CPQ administrator enabled it.

Quick Save

Save your quote line changes without leaving the quote line editor.

Reset Discounts

Reset all user-applied discounts.


Save your quote line changes and return to the quote detail page.