What are Backlinks and how can you Build them using SEMrush?

Backlinks are extremely important for the success of your business’s website. They bring in customers and help give your website a better rating by giving you a referral. When one website mentions a page on your website, they have created a backlink. SEMrush can help you manage your website’s health when it comes to back linking and show you how to make it healthier.

SEMrush is a very powerful tool for managing your website’s health. If you want to stay competitive, it’s important to check your website’s analytics when it comes to traffic, backlinking, and overall daily usage. You can do this seamlessly through SEMrush. It offers multiple tools for your website from SEO to content marketing. Located in the SEO section of SEMrush, you will find backlinking tools.

In this article we give a general overview of the available SEMrush tools for Backlinking.

SEMrush tools for Backlinking:

  • Backlink Analytics
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building Tool
  • Bulk Analysis

Backlink Analytics

SEMrush’s backlink analytics show you everything you need to know about your backlinks. From the health of the website to the competitors, you can access it all through SEMrush.

Backlink Audit

SEMrush will let you know the health of your website’s backlinks. They can range from toxic to non-toxic. If your website has a toxic backlink, you will need to contact the website owner asking them to take the post referring to your website down. This is easy to do through SEMrush.


Backlinking is a very powerful tool every business should be taking advantage of. Websites are getting stronger and stronger every day, it is important to make sure yours is competitive if you want to succeed.

Link Building Tool

Instead of wasting time looking for possible backlinks, SEMrush finds them for you. It allows you to reach out to these websites and help you chase the opportunities to form new relationships with companies and individuals that are writing about similar topics as you. This is often the most time consuming part of building backlinks, sourcing the people you want to work and back link with that will also be effective.

Bulk Analysis

This tool lets you compare analytics of up to 200 websites at once. This lets you see how you rank compared to your competitors. You can compare your monthly visits, number of backlinks, and will help find your website’s competitive edge.

SEMRush Bulk Analysis