Case Studies

  • Power BI Reporting for Operators from Mcleod Software on top of SQL Server

    Jason needed a way to get data in real time from his Mcleod logistics software that he runs his business on into Power BI. Luckily he called us to figure out that he can get the data from the SQL Server directly connected to Power BI. HGS worked with Jason everyday to deliver SQL Server customizations, a Power BI Gateway set up, and Power BI dashboards.
  • Commissions Process Automation with SQL Server, .NET, and Tableau

    American Marketing & Publishing is a marketing and advertising agency based out of Illinois. The mid-sized business was looking to create an automated way to calculate its monthly and bi-weekly commission process according to a custom pay plan and bonuses administered to the AMP sales team. This legacy process was being done manually via Excel.
  • Ciasoft Creates Power BI Dashboards within Legacy .NET Application

    HGS delivered a Power BI based reporting solution, new SQL Server customizations in a new reporting database, Power BI administration, including scheduling, row level based security, and AD group based security, and post-implementation on going customizations and support.